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Epgp Standby Not Working


Otherwise you may end up with a new account. Automatic loot tracking threshold: By default EPGP only popups a window on epic quality items. CurseForge.com Addons Authors Forums Wiki Store Paste Sign in Register new account epgp (dkp reloaded) Overview Files Images Tickets Pages Repositories Localization Subscriptions Donate Curse v5.10.8 Download Install Change logtag v5.10.8 Announcements: By default EPGP announces all EP or GP actions to the guild. his comment is here

Private Mod Note (): Rollback Post to Revision RollBack jabathehutt  Location: Oslo Join Date: 10/31/2011 Posts: 12 Member Details #367 jabathehutt View User Profile Send Message Posted Mar 14, 2016 This fixes issue 217. - Fix error when pressing enter on a GP popup. evlogimenos: - Move EnableDebugging where we check the version. - Change select(3, str:find(...)) to str:match() instead. Global configuration which is shared by everyone in the guild and local configuration which affects only the client you run on your machine.

How To Set Up Epgp

If people are found leaching EP from this system, they will be punished severely. _________________Hai, i luffs a cau. Added new function EPGP:GetMain(name). - Added missing localization entries. Have your non-guild raiderscreate an altin the guild. 3. fix dropdown taint issue for no masterlooter users.

This fixes issue 373. d43m0n: - Hooked SideFrame2's Award EP button, to the newly created function IncStandingsEPby(reason,amount). Standby whispers in raid: By default EPGP provides a way for members to add themselves to the standby list of the raid leader. Epgp Dkp Reloaded Guide We save references to UIObjects so in the OnHide function when we restore the anchors we always restore the anchors of the first frame that popped up and got backed up,

Features Message Verification. Epgp Commands Private Mod Note (): Rollback Post to Revision RollBack bro_artemis  Location: Corinth Join Date: 2/12/2014 Posts: 3 Member Details #364 bro_artemis View User Profile Send Message Posted Feb 21, 2016 For Extras Award Modifier: @EXTRAS_P: Where is the Extras Award Modifier %. Also fix a bug of refreshing the standings when leaving a raid. - Change the logic of the standings and award lists.

EasyPartyMarkers Nov 01, 2016 Boss Encounters zerophr34k Release This addon marks your group mates for you to give you better visibility in Mythic+ instances (and of course in lower instances too). Epgp Standby Whisper Login close Use Your Gamer Launch Account Your account from any Gamer Launch site is valid here. These notes were making the epgp cache break in all sorts of ways. mackatack: - How ironic, bug in Debug() call fixed. - Jeez, too many errors on 4 lines of code...

  1. Auto Promote Vs Promote all.
  2. However is you whisper "epgp standby YOURNAME" it will place you on the list just fine Original comment by [email protected] on 22 Jul 2014 at 5:56 Sign up for free to
  3. Modified popups.lua to replace usage of 'this' with 'self'.
  4. Test before you commit! - Small bugfix. - Do not insert dups in the item cache. - Add a cache of recent loot seen in tooltips. -
  5. This fixesissue 251 . - This patch resolves the popup components alignement issue.
  6. This way the addon is configured to share the pool of EP and GP for both toons.
  7. thanks.
  8. Refactor the code to be more readbale, more generic, and shorter.
  9. For example a configuration clause will look like this: -EPGP- -EPGP- Global configuration holds information about: BaseGP Decay MinEP Extras Award Modifier For each of the

Epgp Commands

Be the first to add one. This fixes issue 267. - Remove some debugging output. - Fix auto-fill on manual GPs. How To Set Up Epgp Each time we get something new, we extend the trying period to current time + 30 seconds. - Merge from epgp-5-lootmaster branch. How To Use Epgp Maybe i am doing something wron or i should configurate something that can help to manage point for people comming from another servers.

This fixes issue 314. - Fix argument escaping when uploading a new release archive. - Rewrite LibGuildStorage into a state machine that writes back its state lazily. This fixes issue 358. - Update ignored list when a note is updated. ElvUI TankHealth Oct 27, 2016 Combat: TankUnit Frames sunaurus Release TankHealth This addon is an ElvUI plugin which adds the potential amount of self-healing a tank can do onto their healthbar. Private Mod Note (): Rollback Post to Revision RollBack muxxon  Join Date: 1/18/2011 Posts: 21 Member Details #371 muxxon View User Profile Send Message Posted Jul 21, 2016 I found Epgp Guide

Commands /epm - will mark your group once /epm toggle - will toggle auto-marking mode /easypartymarkers - same as /epm /easypartymarkers toggle - same as /epm toggle Exonumist Oct 31, 2016 This addon removes the 255 character limit from your chatbox, and splits long messages into multiple chunks. Enable manual adding of EP & GP with out requireing a item. We would rather be consistent and call all callbacks from our OnUpdate handler later on. - Fix the item cacher to try harder and simpler.

Signed-off-by: eruteiHT <eruteiHT@gmail.com> - fix double GP increment issue. Epgp Values Private Mod Note (): Rollback Post to Revision RollBack jdayanami  Location: Londrina Join Date: 10/21/2012 Posts: 7 Member Details #359 jdayanami View User Profile Send Message Posted Oct 11, 2015 Once ingame, click Game Menu (Escape) -> Interface -> Addons (Button on top) -> EPGP (expand the drop-down menu).

This fixes issue 326. - Properly escape all non-ascii characters. - Temporary fix to allow disabling/enabling the automatic boss kill module if it is hooked on DBM detection.

This fixes issue 284. - Add a cache of last award amounts made and auto-fill when the same award is chosen through the single or mass EP award frame. As of version 5.3 it can also export data to EPGPWeb for backup and offgame purposes. Add passive tracking of both loot and boss kills. How To Reset Epgp EasyLoot Nov 06, 2016 Bags & Inventory Zaman Release An automatic loot filter.

This fixes issue 461. Private Mod Note (): Rollback Post to Revision RollBack jabathehutt  Location: Oslo Join Date: 10/31/2011 Posts: 12 Member Details #365 jabathehutt View User Profile Send Message Posted Mar 14, 2016 Prev12345…19Next Delete Undelete Mark as Spam Mark as Not Spam Merge Apply to Selected Clear Selected Posts Quoted: Reply Clear All Quotes Get a head start with Addon Packs Browse now Can you fix the addon please?