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Dvp642 Not Working


I replace the C316 10V 1000uf Cap with 16V 1000uf but still the same result. Region code hack posted by YESSS!, January 08 2005:I confirm 789ok0 for DVP642/37 which I recently purchased from CompUSA in the U.S., manufactured JUL'04. Antivirus problem? Save these things having to be recycled before their time.

After doing so (no problem, quite simple), it shows VER0409 630/00 01 02 and several other options you can scroll through using the remote. Aparecerá 0 no canto inferior esquerdo da tela; 4. My earlier Philips DVD-623 wouldn't convert PAL-to-NTSC properly, squeezing the picture; it also had issues with correct playback of DVD-Rs made on my Panasonic DVD recorder. Worked perfectly. try here

Troubleshooting Philips Dvd Player Problems

PRESS and HOLD STOP for 2 seconds. If you did you could probably change it to english (or spanish) in the system menu. I took the fixed circuit board and put it in one of the other 2 just to make sure it was a problem with the capacitor and that did NOT help. The DVP632/642 works fine when there's no Joliet file system, but only ISO9660.

Player gives "No Disc" error with disc inserted¶ Check that the disc is a format the DVD player can play (not Blu-Ray or HDDVD).Make sure disc label is face up.If all I'm posting this to confirm and to reassure a bunch of average American consumers who will be confused by all the talk about versions and downloading software.Region code posted by mdg, Enter using remote: 7 8 9 OK 0 4. Philips Dvd Player Power Light Blinking Heat up the soldering iron.

It said something like "wrong region". I started "researching" this issue around 3 pm, had materials around 8:30pm and finished about 10pm (I tried using an old solder gun thing that somebody lent me 1st, it was Put in a DVD and enjoy! :) NOTE: The 0 in the sequence above represents the region code. 0 = region free.

Each unit picks the right file based in information stored in the 512Bytes EEPROM (a little chip).

Remove your new capacitor from the package. How To Repair Dvd Player No Power It's what makes us different. I read a small article about Macrovision and found out that there are several kinds of Macrovision protections present in DVD's. I've had the unit since Nov. '04 so it's out of it's 90 day warranty.

Philips Dvd Player Problems Solutions

I have DVP 642/37 form US and it plays only region 1 or region free. Placed the disc in the tray, closed it, FIRMWARE appeared in upper left corner of screen, then ERASE, Then WRITE. Troubleshooting Philips Dvd Player Problems So I brought the broken one home with me and decided to tackle it. Philips Dvd Player Not Reading Disc Drawback: These CDs are hardly usable on Windows platforms, as Windows requires Joliet on the CD. - or: use my patch for mkisofs at http://arost.redirectme.net/sw/mkisofs/, which allows you to create

When choosing REW during MPEG1 playback, it skips around. Also will NOT play my MPEG1 movies extracted from my ReplayTV 5040 using DVarchive. It's >possible that there is a disc in the tray and it may have been left on, >but I really don't know for sure. If you no longer have the instructions contact the manufacturer of the remote for assistance. Philips Portable Dvd Player Not Reading Disc

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  2. The bulging capacitor solder repair fixed the broken player, was very easy and took 30 minutes.
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  6. Ps: My own player is Norcent DP-501M (Rebaged LiteOn DVP-2001).

I changed the mentioned components, and when I plugged the PS to 220v, the power extension fuse blew off. Press 7, 8, 9 on your remote. The movie starts playing automatically 3- After the READING INDEX message, press SYSTEM MENU button twice Doing this procedure, subtitles will be displayed over a semi-transparent gray background, making them much But what parts changed?

Buttons don't work¶ To completely reset the player, unplug the player from AC power for 5-10 seconds and plug back in to finish the reset.If nothing works, there may be a Philips Portable Dvd Player Wont Turn On Also after appling the 789, ok, 0 code you have subtitles while watching a movie no matter if you choose subtitles on or off. Tampatec 112,865 views 9:23 How to repair your DVD-player (part 2 of 3) - Duration: 1:33.

I'd appreciate your suggestions.

If it's run to some other points, you'll need to do some searching to see how to clean up it up a little bit as I'm not an expert at this. i got it on another forum, my vcr is on Deals Frontpage Deals Frontpage Slickdeals The hottest deals voted on by our community. At this point, you're on your own. Philips Car Dvd Player Not Working this time just a plain '0' appears.

japcast 48,670 views 3:19 What is inside a DVD player? (1 of 5) | Electrical engineering | Khan Academy - Duration: 3:50. Macrovision was ON out of the box. 1. Make sure it is still remote menu Region Free hackable or we'll go to another maker! :P Aloha! Hooked the player to A/V inputs on two seperate VCR's hooked up to older RF TV's and found my custom disk worked perfectly but 'Finding Nemo' had macrovision, unwatchable.

nonetheless Discribe burns working subtitles w/o havin' to use emulation ! ..Region code hack posted by penmig, October 03 2004:Confirmed sequence 789 OK 0 for DVP642/37Region code hack posted by oldfart13, Enjoy it! open tray-7-8-9-ok-0. Lay the soldering iron against that hole on the other side and push the leg through.

Here's what I did and it worked fine: 1.